Project info

The QESB was designed and conducted by Dr. Kristi Winters. The QESB research was conducted as part of a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship. Kristi Winters is currently the Project Manager for the Data Coding and Harmonization Project at GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences in Köln, Germany, and Co-Convenor of the Women and Politics Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association. A full list of Dr. Winters’ works can be found at Kristi Winters on

Analysis of the QESB data and writing up of the findings has taken place in partnership with Dr. Edzia Carvalho.  A full list of her works can be found at Edzia Carvalho on

Focus group research was conducted with the assistance of the following individuals (and their institutional affiliation at the time): Aberystwyth – Dr. Roger Scully, Aberystwyth – Vincent Keating, Essex – Dr. Edzia Carvalho, Essex –  Laurence Horton, Glasgow – Dr. Rob Johns, London – Ceinwyn Morris

Transcription work provided by: Diane Streeting –, Edzia Carvalho, Ceinwyn Morris, Tami Peterson, QES Britain Research Assistant

Links to other pages of interest:

The British Academy (this project was funded by a British Academy Small Grant)
The UK Data Archive – QESB transcripts available through the UK Data Archive
The 2010 British Election Study – Quantitative Data on the 2010 British General Election


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