2010 Transcript data

Qualitative Election Study of Britain Transcripts provided for public use by Dr. Kristi Winters and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Creative Commons License

Below are the anonymised transcripts for the pre- and post-election focus groups conducted in 2010. The transcripts are ordered by location and then by date. They are provided in Microsoft Word (.doc) format and some have been formatted to be compatible with the qualitative data analysis software program NVivo (8 and 9).

To understand the research design behind these questions please see the Research Design page.

At the bottom of the page there is an Excel spreadsheet which contains the following information: the participant’s Alias as given in the transcripts, their Age cohort, the Location of their Pre-election focus group, whether they participated in a Post election focus group, their Sex, their pre-election Vote intentions and whether or not they Voted.

Individuals may re-use these documents free of charge in any format for research, private study or internal circulation within an organisation. You must re-use it accurately and not present it in a misleading context and you must acknowledge the author, the QES Britain project title and the source.

Example referencing Harvard System of Referencing

Winters, K., 2011. Public version: First Leaders Debate Transcript. 2010 Qualitative Election Study of Britain. [Online] (Last updated on February 3, 2011) Available at https://wintersresearch.wordpress.com/qes-britain/. Accessed November 3, 2012.

Essex, England: Leaders Debates Transcripts and Post-election Transcripts

First Leaders Debate Transcription  conducted April 15 2010 
Second Leaders Debate Transcription  conducted April 22 2010
Third Leaders Debate Transcription  conducted April 27 2010 

Post-election Leaders participants group 1  conducted May 18 2010
Post-election Leaders participants group 2 conducted May 18 2010    

London, England: Pre-election and Post-election Transcripts

London Pre-election Transcript Group 1 conducted April 27, 2010
London Pre-election Transcript Group 2 conducted May 4, 2010

London Post-election Transcript conducted May 19, 2010

Aberystwyth, Wales: Pre-election and Post-election Transcripts

Aberystwyth Pre-election Group 1 conducted April 24, 2010
Aberystwyth Pre-election Group 2 conducted April 24, 2010

Aberystwyth Post-election conducted May 22, 2010

Glasgow, Scotland: Pre-election and Post-election Transcripts

Glasgow Pre-Election Transcript Group 1 conducted May 1, 2010
Glasgow Pre-Election Transcript Group 2 conducted May 1, 2010

Glasgow Post-election Transcription  conducted May 24, 2010

Participant details (anonymised)

Anon Participant Casebook Excel version

Transcripts pre-formatted for use in NVivo

These transcripts are formatted to NVivo 8 and 9 specifications to produce Topics (Heading 1) and Cases (Heading 2).  Topics are identified in order to assist transcription analysis but are only suggestions and may be altered to suit individual researchers’ interests. 

NVivo ready public version First Leaders Debate Transcription April 15 2010 
NVivo ready public version Second Leaders Debate Transcription   April 22 2010
Nvivo ready public version Third Debate Transcription April 27 2010 




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