2017 Transcript Data

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Transcribed Focus Groups Dataset Version 0.5
Date of first release: 21 September 2017
Date of second release: 6, 9, and 10 November 2017
Date of third release: 5 December 2017

Principal Investigator: Dr. Edzia Carvalho, University of Dundee
International Co-Investigator: Dr. Kristi Winters, GESIS
Co-Investigator: Dr. Thom Oliver, UWE Bristol

Funded by: GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, UWE Bristol, The UK Data Archive, and University of Dundee

To provide the data as early as possible, we provide below an anonymized version of select pre-election transcripts without the longitudinal metadata.  Additional 0.5 versions will be released in the near future and the full 1.0 versions with metadata for the longitudinal questions and panel members will be published by the end of the year.

Select pre-election transcripts for release

Colchester Pre 1 fg

Colchester Pre 2 fg

Colchester Pre 3 fg

Dundee Pre Election Post Debate FG

Dundee Pre Election Pre Debate FG

Dundee Pre 2 FG

Dundee Pre 3 FG

Glasgow Pre FG

Birmingham Pre FG

Bristol Pre FG

Pre-Election Online Focus Group 1

Pre-Election Online Focus Group 2

Pre-Election Online Focus Group 3

Dundee Pre-election interview – Amanda

Colchester Pre-election interview – Lindsay

Pre-Election Online Interview 1

Pre-Election Online Interview 2

Select post-election transcripts for release

Post-election Interview with Jake (Bristol)

Post-election Interview with Charles (Birmingham)

Post-election Interview with Nerys (Bristol)

Colchester Post FG 1 

Colchester Post FG 2

Colchester Post FG 3

Dundee Post FG 1

Dundee Post FG 2

Dundee Post FG 3

Dundee Post FG 4

Online Post FG 1

Online Post FG 2

Online Post FG 3