Advisory Board and Project Partners

Members of the 2015 Advisory Board

Prof. Cees Van Der Eijk (University of Nottingham)

Prof. Roger Scully (University of Cardiff)

Dr. Mark Shephard (University of Strathclyde)

Dr. Robert Ford (University of Manchester)

Dr. Nicholas Allen (Royal Holloway)

Dr. Peter Allen (Queen Mary)

Dr. David Cutts (Bath)

2015 QESB Project Partners

Natalie Spedding, QSR International

Gemma Rosenblatt, UK Electoral Commission

Libby Bishop, UK Data Archive

Role of the participants

The Advisory Board members have agreed to collaborate and co-author publications in their area of expertise. Prof. Cees Van Der Eijk (University of Nottingham) of the BES team will advise on areas of cooperation and coordination that would facilitate mixed-methods use of BES and QESB data. Prof. Roger Scully (University of Cardiff) will advise on Welsh politics and Dr. Mark Shephard (University of Strathclyde) on Scottish politics. Dr. Robert Ford (University of Manchester) will advise on immigration issues and extreme parties and Dr. Nicholas Allen (Royal Holloway) will advise on the Leaders Debates. Drs. Peter Allen, David Cutts and Kristi Winters will triangulate their research into sex, gender and vote choice (if their funding bid is successful) with the QESB 2015 questionnaire for a mixed methods study of sex differences and gender differences. Natalie Spedding of QSR International will advise us on making the most of NVivo software, especially in preparing the qualitative data for cluster analysis. Gemma Rosenblatt of UK Electoral Commission will collaborate in joint research into people’s experience of voting and Libby Bishop of UK Data Archive will assist in our creation of a metadata structure so that we can deposit a longitudinal qualitative dataset by the end of the project.

Added value of collaboration

The Advisory Board will provide feedback on the replicated research topics, question wording, interview schedule structure, additional methods of data collection (the use of images or video stimuli, silent brainstorming, asking people to ‘tell a story’, etc.) and the method(s) of data analysis (grounded theory method, discourse analysis, narrative analysis, and cluster analysis in NVivo). Members of the Advisory Board will work with the PI and CI to prepare findings for conferences and manuscripts for publication at high-impact factor academic journals. Findings from the QESB 2015 using NVivo will be disseminated through the QSR International’s eSeminars.


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