2017 Information and Ethics

Information on the 2017 Qualitative Election Study of Britain

When the snap election was announced on April 17, 2017 (with the election set for June 7), the leadership of the QESB scrambled to put together a plan to be doing focus group research within a matter of weeks.  We were successful in collecting pre- and post-election data from almost 50 individuals in England, Scotland and Wales because of our funders.

GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences provided the majority of the financial support by covering transportation and accommodation costs for Dr. Winters’ field research.  The University of Dundee provided travel costs for Dr. Carvahlo, and the University of the West of England, Bristol provide contributing funds to QESB participant incentive fees.  Without the support of our institutions, this research would simply not have been possible.

Due to these unusual circumstances the QESB team did not produce a formal research design as part of a funding application.  The research design centered on replicating our long-standing core research questions and including  questions on Brexit and current events (e.g. multiple terrorist attacks occurred during the election campaign). As a consequence, this round of data collection includes fewer supporting documentation than previous studies.


Focus Group Question Schedule

Focus group questions – Pre-election

Focus group questions – Post-election

Leaders Evaluation – Debate night handout


Consent Form and Information Brochure

Consent Form

Focus group participant brochure


Ethical compliance

Form A Low Risk Application Form