The Investigators

Dr. Edzia Carvalho, Principal Investigator

Dr. Kristi Winters, International Co-Investigator


Dr. Thom Oliver, Co-Investigator


Joint publications

Other publications

Also by Dr. Carvalho

Todd Landman and Edzia Carvalho (2016) Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics. 4th edition, (Routledge).

Todd Landman and Edzia Carvalho (2009) Measuring Human Rights (Routledge).

David Beetham, Edzia Carvalho, Todd Landman and Stuart Weir (2008) Assessing the Quality of Democracy: A Practical Guide (Stockholm: International IDEA). Translated into Spanish (2009), French (2010) and Arabic (2011).

Edzia Carvalho (2008) ‘Measuring Children’s Rights: An Alternative Approach’, International Journal of Children’s Rights, 16:4, 545-563

Peter R. deSouza, Sushma Pawar, Solano Da Silva, and Edzia Carvalho (2006) ‘Dynamics of a Working Democracy: Representative Politics in a Goa Constituency’, Economic and Political Weekly, 41:16.

Also by Dr. Winters

Winters, Kristi. 2014.  ‘Scarecrows or Tin Men? Talking About Party Leaders.’ Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box: 50 Things You Need to Know About British Elections. Philip Cowley (Ed) and Robert Ford (Ed). Biteback, London.

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Research in the media

Campbell, Rosie and Kristi Winters (17 October 2007). ‘The myth of the homogeneous voter.’ Thinking Aloud podcast available at:

Campbell, Rosie and Kristi Winters (September 2006). ‘Gender and Voting Behaviour in Britain.’ Westminster Hour podcast available at:

Doctoral thesis Creative Commons License Sex and gender as sources of heterogeneity in political attitudes and behaviours  by Dr. Kristi Winters is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Quantitative dataset: Gender and the Vote in Britain, 2007 (headed by Dr. Rosie Campbell, Birkbeck College, contributions by Kristi Winters)

Also by Dr. Oliver

Oliver, T. (2017) Can the directly elected mayoral model deliver? Innovation, limitation and adaptation: Lessons from the City of Bristol. In: Sweeting, D., ed. (2017) Directly Elected Mayors in Urban Governance Impact and Practice.Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 35-52. ISBN 9781447327011. DOI:10.1332/policypress/9781447327011.003.0003

Janke, B., Harrison, B., Sweeting, D., Oliver, T. and Ayres, S. and University of Bristol (Centre for Public Engagement & PolicyBristol) (2015) What difference do directly elected mayors make? A panel discussion. In: University of Bristol Thinking Futures (ESRC Festival of Social Science 2015), Watershed, Bristol, UK, 09 November 2015. Bristol.

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