Press Release: Research into Dundee Residents’ Political Views Wins Carnegie Foundation Funding

Research into Dundee Residents’ Political Views Wins Carnegie Foundation Funding

Dundee, Scotland – November 12, 2014 – Dundee residents will learn more about the political views of their friends and neighbors in early 2015. Dr. Edzia Carvalho lecturer in Politics, won research funding from a University of Dundee Public Engagement project funded by the Carnegie Foundation.

The project, called ‘From Polls to the Personal’, will connect social research and public engagement. Dr. Carvalho and a colleague will conduct three 90-minute focus groups with Dundee residents. Topics will include people’s assessments of post-referendum Scottish politics and views on the upcoming General Election in 2015.

‘The first aim of the research is to listen to residents’ concerns and their views on political issues,’ said Carvalho. ‘The second aim is to present the findings to the community, to present them with the views and concerns their neighbors share and open up a dialogue.’

Focus group participants will be recruited in early December and the focus groups will take place on 13 and 14 December. A free public event to present the research and its findings will take place in January in Dundee and another in Edinburgh.

Individuals interested participating in the December focus groups can get in contact with Dr. Edzia Carvalho at the University of Dundee.


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