Dundee, Angus and Fife residents: Paid participation in General Election Study offered

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Paid participation in 2015 UK General Election Study offered

Dundee, Angus, and Fife residents eligible to vote in the 2015 UK General Elections are invited to participate in University of Dundee research that will take a `snapshot’ of people’s election campaign views. Participants selected for the study will receive £40 for taking part in the session on 2 April.

“This election could result in the most interesting political scenarios in recent British history,” said the study’s leader Dr. Edzia Carvalho of Dundee’s School of Humanities. “Voters are faced with an unprecedented range of political choices. We want to hear what they think of the various party leaders and what things will be important to their votes.’’

The first focus group will take place on the evening of Thursday 2 April (7-10 pm) during the televised ‘Leaders’ debate’. If you would like to apply, contact Dr. Carvalho at e.carvalho@dundee.ac.uk or visit: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/humanities/forms/group672

The project is funded by the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust and GESIS Leibnitz Institute for the Social Sciences.

Participants using a smartphone, tablet or laptop during the debate will also have the opportunity to contribute to a project on how these devices are used to communicate political issues. For more information on this related project, contact Ms. Katerina Gorkovenko at k.gorkovenko@dundee.ac.uk or visit: http://goggleboxforresearch.wix.com/gogglebox


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