QES Britain – All transcripts published

Anonymised versions of all the pre- and post-election focus groups for Aberystwyth, Essex, Glasgow, London, now available for download at QES Britain Data.  Discussion topics include (inter alia):


  • Leader evaluations
  • Media consumption (including Internet and social networking mentions)
  • Reactions to the debates


  • Vote choice narratives
  • Attitudes toward a hung parliament
  • Perceptions of AV

Also available and forthcoming:

  • Example consent form to comply with ethics and copyright guidelines
  • Handouts used in leadership exercise
  • Pre- and post- focus group questionnaire (forthcoming)
  • Pre- and post-election focus group interview schedule by location (forthcoming)
  • Responses to questionnaires in Excel format (SPSS available upon request) (forthcoming)
  • NVivo ready formatted versions of the transcripts to create Topics and Cases upon imporation (forthcoming)

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