QES Britain: Quantitative data added

In May 2010, participants in the Qualitative Election Study of Britain filled out pre-election questionnaires.  These data are now available on the QES Britain Data tab in .xls format directly from the QESB project blog.  An SPSS version of the data can be obtained by e-mail from Kristi Winters: kristi.winters@gesis.org.


QES Britain – All transcripts published

Anonymised versions of all the pre- and post-election focus groups for Aberystwyth, Essex, Glasgow, London, now available for download at QES Britain Data.  Discussion topics include (inter alia):


  • Leader evaluations
  • Media consumption (including Internet and social networking mentions)
  • Reactions to the debates


  • Vote choice narratives
  • Attitudes toward a hung parliament
  • Perceptions of AV

Also available and forthcoming:

  • Example consent form to comply with ethics and copyright guidelines
  • Handouts used in leadership exercise
  • Pre- and post- focus group questionnaire (forthcoming)
  • Pre- and post-election focus group interview schedule by location (forthcoming)
  • Responses to questionnaires in Excel format (SPSS available upon request) (forthcoming)
  • NVivo ready formatted versions of the transcripts to create Topics and Cases upon imporation (forthcoming)