Birmingham residents: £30 for participating in election study this Saturday

Birmingham, UK – Birmingham residents eligible to vote in the 2015 UK General Election are invited to participate in research that takes a `snapshot’ of people’s campaign views. The Qualitative Election Study of Britain will conduct research in Birmingham to uncover people’s pre- and post-election views.

The focus groups will take place during the day on Saturday, 25 April on the Birmingham University campus at 10 am till 11:30 am or 1:00 till 2:30 pm and include a £30 payment for people’s time.

Based at the University of Dundee, the QESB will be hosted by the University of Birmingham’s British Politics interdisciplinary group. It brings together experts from across the University who have research interests in the broad area of British politics.

‘With the survey polls indicating that one party will not gain a majority of the seats, this research will be important to understand how voters are making their decisions,’ said Dr. Stephen Bates of the university’s Political Science and International Studies Department. ‘Polls can’t tell you how voters are thinking, and this will provide insights into how some Birmingham residents make up their minds in the face of election outcome uncertainty.’

The project is funded by a British Academy and Leverhulme Trust small grant and by GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

“This is an unusually unpredictable election,’ said the study’s leader Dr. Edzia Carvalho of Dundee’s School of Humanities. “We want to hear what people think of the various party leaders and what things will be important to their votes.’’

If you would like to apply for the focus groups, visit:


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