Colchester, Harwich and North Essex, Clacton Constituency residents: £30 for participating in election study

Qualitative Election Study comes to Essex. Participants Sought for Local Views on the Election

Colchester, Harwich and North Essex, Clacton residents eligible to vote in the 2015 UK General Election are invited to participate in research that takes a `snapshot’ of people’s campaign views. The Qualitative Election Study of Britain will conduct research in and around Essex to uncover people’s pre- and post-election views.

Based at the University of Dundee, the QESB will be hosted by the University of Essex’s Department of Government. Dr. Rob Johns, Reader in Politics at Essex, commented, “There are several very close constituency races in Essex. This study should help us understand how voters are making up their minds given the wide choice of parties and, in some cases, the tactical dilemmas that they have this time.”

The 90-minute focus groups will take place the evenings of 28-30 April in Colchester include a £30 payment for people’s time. A Clacton focus group at the Brotherhood Community Hall will take place on Thursday 30 April at 1 pm. The study will also include a focus group for and after participants watch the final leaders’ discussion on 30 April. Payment for participation in this focus group will be £40.

“This is an unusually unpredictable election,’ said the study’s leader Dr. Edzia Carvalho of Dundee’s School of Humanities. “We want to hear what people think of the various party leaders and what things will be important to their votes.’’

The project is funded by a British Academy and Leverhulme Trust small grant and by GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

If you would like to apply for the focus groups, visit:


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